Board of Directors

Circe Stumbo, Chair
President of West Wind Education Policy Inc. and West Wind Education Policy
Foundation in Marion and Iowa City, IA

Chad Simmons, Vice-Chair
Co-owner of Iowa Soul Food and Sugapeach restaurant in North Liberty, IA

Alyssa Rodriguez Palante, Secretary 
Student Family Advocate for Iowa City Community School District and founder
of C.H.U.L.A.; Iowa City, IA

Dustin Gwee, Treasurer
Cost Estimate Analyst, Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids, IA

Paul Thompson, Director
Partner at Dorsey & Whitney LLP in Denver, CO, and London, UK


We are a 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit, originally co-founded and incubated by Diversity Focus and West Wind Education Policy Inc. C3E does not have paid employees; rather, we contract with West Wind Education Policy Inc. to design projects, administer project management, fundraise, conduct research and evaluation, and financial management. We further will contract with West Wind and other entities — such as Catalyst Collaborative — to deliver services as needed.


Catalyst Collaborative, Drexel University, Intercultural Center of Iowa